Warm your heart with a winter trip to South Carolina’s Hammock Coast

17 Oct

Warm your heart with a winter trip to South Carolina’s Hammock Coast

During the winter doldrums, when the days are short and temperatures struggle to get above freezing in large swaths of the nation, many dream of a quick getaway to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and a little warmth. 

For many travelers, especially those from the Northeast and Midwest, a frequently asked question is: how is the weather along South Carolina’s Hammock Coast in the winter? 

While the answer is often relative to where you are from, the truth is the winter weather along the Hammock Coast is superb. Golfers flock to the area 12 months a year and are more than happy to play outside during January and February, if that tells you anything. 

If you are considering a winter getaway, here is what you need to know about the Hammock Coast:

Hammock Coast = subtropical climate

The six communities of the Hammock Coast – southern Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Pawleys Island, Georgetown and Andrews – enjoy a subtropical climate, meaning mild winters. According to NOAA data, the average high temperature along the Hammock Coast is 60 degrees in January, 63 in February and it warms up to 70 in March. You may not go swimming on a 63-degree February afternoon, but those temps are plenty good for a weekend getaway. 

What is different about a winter trip?

Not much. Aside from not swimming in the Atlantic, vacationers will mostly do the same things in January that they do in July. Walks on the beach, kayaking and offshore fishing, among a host of other activities, are just as appealing in the winter. 

But what about travel? 

If you are watching the weather and the opportunity for a trip coincides with a nice winter weekend, the next potential hurdle is travel, but don’t fret. The Hammock Coast is just 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach International Airport and its 50+ nonstop flights and a little over an hour from Charleston International Airport. Both airports feature abundant service from major carriers, including several flights from a host of low-cost carriers. You can book an inexpensive flight and be on a relaxing Hammock Coast beach shortly after touching down. Of course, if you are in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia or Tennessee, it’s an easy drive. 

What’s better about a Hammock Coast trip in the winter?

The relaxing vibe that has long made the area so popular is even more apparent in January and February when the crowds are thinner and reservations at the area’s world-class restaurants are easier to secure. From the host of Christmas activities to the Hammock Coast Birding Festival in February, there are no shortage of events vacationers love to enjoy. 

Is everything open? 

The Hammock Coast features a small-town vibe, but it’s a 12-month destination and most restaurants and attractions are open throughout the year. Your favorite activity will be available to you. 

Start planning and get ready to join us for a weekend getaway this winter. 

By Chris King for the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce and South Carolina’s Hammock Coast

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